Expansion ChassisIBeX Advantage, Enterprise and Envoy system can add telecom ports through the use of one or more expansion chassis.  These chassis can be configured with a wide variety of telecom interfaces to meet your specific needs.  The number and type of ports in the expansion chassis vary based on system configuration.  Your sales person can assist you with port configurations.

IBeX Enterprise and Envoy do not have built in ports.  Both systems use the expansion chassis for all of its telecom interfaces.  They can accommodate approximately 30 expansion chassis's depending on the port configuration of the chassis.

Available Ports On Expansion Chassis

  • FXS
  • FXO
  • E1/T1/PRI
  • BRI

Modules can be combined in the expansion chassis to provide custom solutions.  Your account representative can assist you in configuring the expansion chassis for your system.